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Chengdu Diamond International

Φ12.7xH9.5xΦ12.7-2Z R6.35 PCD Core Box router bits

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      Φ12.7xH9.5xΦ12.7-2Z R6.35 PCD Core Box router bits

Product Description_______________________________________________________

1) PCD woodworking tools include Router bits, Profile cutter, Saw blades.

2) 20-50 longer tool life than carbide tool

2) Workpiece: Particle board, MDF, HDF, Melamine board, Veneer and Solid wood

3) PCD diamond grades from DI (US), DeBeers (UK), Sumitomo (Japan), ILJIN (Korea)

4) Each tool can be re-sharpened 4-6 times without affecting the original profile

5) 6-months quality warranty after delivery, full refund if quality is unacceptable



OEM and ODM available. We could produce special router bits according to your drawing.

Specification of spiral type PCD router bit

 Z=1+1  Z=2+2  Z=3+3
Φ10*25.4*Φ12 (Z=1+1) Φ16*25*Φ16 (Z=2+2) Φ16*25*Φ16 (Z=3+3)
Φ10*25.4*Φ12.7 (Z=1+1) Φ16*30*Φ16 (Z=2+2) Φ18*22*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ12*25.4*Φ12 (Z=1+1) Φ18*35*Φ16 (Z=2+2) Φ18*25.4*Φ16 (Z=3+3)
Φ12.7*25.4*Φ12.7 (Z=1+1) Φ20*30*Φ25 (Z=2+2) Φ20*25*Φ20 (Z=3+3)
Φ12.7*25.4*Φ12.7 (Z=1+1) Φ25*48*Φ25 (Z=2+2) Φ20*55*Φ20 (Z=3+3)
Φ12.7*30*Φ12.7 (Z=1+1)
Φ20*28*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*25*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*28*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*30*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*35*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*35*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*42*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*43*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*48*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*35*Φ20 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*60*Φ25 (Z=3+3)
Φ16*43*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ25*38*Φ30 (Z=3+3)
Φ18*25*Φ16 (Z=1+1)
Φ30*38*Φ30 (Z=3+3)
Φ18*35*Φ16 (Z=1+1)

Φ18*35*Φ20 (Z=1+1)

Φ18*43*Φ20 (Z=1+1)

Φ20*25*Φ16 (Z=1+1)

Φ20*35*Φ16 (Z=1+1)

Φ20*52*Φ25 (Z=1+1)


Trade Term_________________________________________________________


     1 piece

Delivery      5 - 7 working days
Test Sample      Offered free
Packing     1 piece / box

Transport (80% off)

ship way.jpg

Payment Method


Company Introduction

1) Manufacturing experience since 2001 year, factory in Chengdu city of Sichuan province

2) PCD diamond grades imported from GE (US), E6 (UK), Sumitomo (Japan), ILJIN (Korea)

3) PCD diamond is applied by Vacuum Brazing process to ensure no welding scar, tip uneasy to drop

4) Nearly hundreds of imported CNC grinders and production equipment:

CORBONRG9 from UK, Japan FANUC, Swiss Agie Charmilles WEDM-LS, Germany VOLLMER sharpener, inspection device ZOLLER

5) Inspection in every process to ensure 100% qualified

6) Pass ISO, Swiss SGS certified, comprehensive capabilities verified by Germany TÜV Rheinland

7) Free samples for trial

8) No MOQ required for manufacturing

World-class process, quality 100% controlled in every process_____________________________

PCD grades imported from E6 & DI & Sumitomo & ILJIN as raw material

Nearly hundreds of CNC equipments imported from UK, Japan, Germany, Swiss

Strict testing system from Germany, expert inspection team ensure PCD tools perfect quality

Packing & Shipment_____________________________________________________________________

Our Services___________________________________________________________________

Return Policy

1. If you receive our tools in bad condition, we can make a refund or re-send new tools to you.

2. If your machining productivity is unsatisfactory, pls send us feedback, we change material and improve

according to your machining condition, and then re-send new samples for you to re-test.

Email us now! Inquiry us now! Visit us any time!

Address: Building No.3, Huanghai RD, Jiaolong Industry Port, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China

Tel: 0086-28-87075862            Fax: 0086-28-87075870            Email: dmd@cddmd.com

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